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High Performanceology is a boutique Performance Effectiveness firm. We partner with forward-thinking organizations to help build and transform Human Resource teams into agile and resilient leaders. During times of growth and change, we partner with you to improve team alignment, enhance leadership effectiveness, and evolve HR and executive excellence.

Tomorrow’s HR leaders will need to be bigger, broader thinkers, and they’ll have to be tech-savvy and nimble enough to deal with an increasingly agile and restless workforce. At High Performanceology, we help you make it happen.


About Us

High-performing teams and organizations attract and retain top talent who can navigate transitions with agility, achieve outstanding business results, and maintain a powerful culture that promotes both personal and professional success. By establishing HR as a strategic partner in organizational growth and development, you unlock a reservoir of critical resources for winning and maintaining long-term leadership in the marketplace.

This is where High Performanceology is a valuable partner.

We help make HR, leadership and culture your competitive differentiator for your organization. We’re known for creating high-performing employees who wake-up excited to work, developing leaders who naturally engage team members, and shaping innovative cultures that capture the core spirit and unifying purpose of our client companies.

We understand that organizations are unique and at different points in their path to success. Therefore, our services are customized according to your needs and stage of development.

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JP McNeill Founder and Former CEO of Renovate America
By creating and implanting our core values into everything we do, you made it possible for us to grow our company culture and develop high-performing teams. Thanks to your honest, ambitious, and caring approach, we’ve been recognized as a top place to work in San Diego and the nation.

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Join the conversation about creating an agile and resilient Human Resource and Leadership team that enables your people to thrive while achieving business results, today and in the future.